Health and Safety At Work

Health and safety at work, why does it matter anyway?

Good question I suppose…

There’s a whole host of reasons though, the first thing you need to know is that just because you’ve not experienced an accident at work doesn’t mean that others haven’t.

People always say ‘Ah it’s health and safety gone mad innit.’

This is an ignorant view of things, health and safety exists to protect both workers and businesses from unnecessary suffering and in the latter, expensive lawsuits and insurance premiums rising.

There are dozens of dangers in every workplace, in some there are hundreds or even thousands. Health and safety guidelines, as well as training exist to prevent accidents at work happening in the first place.

Perhaps the reason you’ve never experienced one is because these precautions, laws and measures are in place.

To be sure health and safety in many instances is common sense, but we are all only human and we need to keep our vigilance up as mistakes do happen. Having the right training to prevent accidents in the workplace is a vital part of staying safe, and in itself is a common sense thing to do.

In different workplaces, of course there are different dangers and this is why it is the responsibility of the employer to train people on these dangers in the workplace. When employers fail to do this accidents have been known to happen in the workplace.

Health and safety regulations also protect you financially, in the event that you do suffer an accident at work due to no fault of your own, the government has made sure that you can make a claim upto 3 years after the event has happened.

These accident at work claims are there so you can get back money you’ve lost, and be compensated for the suffering you’ve had to endure. In some cases, people suffer accidents at work which are so bad that they can never work again and these claims deal with these cases too, as fringe as they may be – thanks to health and safety.

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